First Ever Night Game Sees Plenty of Fireworks


After a rainout yesterday, the player were eager to get back on the field and play ball, and did they ever. In the first ever Bad News Baseball night game, the atmosphere was electrifying. It seemed nearly every fan walked away with a home run ball as 10 balls left the field of play, with three players going yard twice (Casear, Gordon, and Bert). L.A. was in true form tonight, swinging for the fences and rallying comebacks. Minnesota, better known for their speed, was crushing the ball as well, matching L.A.’s power every step of the way. In a game featuring 5 home runs and 15 hits for each team, 4 lead changes, and ninth inning heroics, it’s no wonder this game went into extra innings.

With such well-matched lineups, we have to look at the bullpens to see how Minnesota emerged victorious. Minnesota’s staff struck out 9 L.A. batters to only 3 K’s by L.A.’s normally dominant staff. As the game wore on, both bullpens were depleted as all twelve available pitchers were used, but L.A. closer Matt, having already pitched the ninth, had nothing left in the tank by the tenth inning. “Honestly, I was on empty, literally no stamina left in me,” said Matt. Minnesota’s four tenth inning runs seemingly put away L.A. for good, but the bottom of L.A.’s order didn’t go down without a fight. “I know how Matt feels. I didn’t have much left in me either. With runners on first and third, I was fortunate enough to get that double-play to end it. I don’t know how much longer I could have gone.”

Tomorrow is a travel day and these players, especially the pitchers, will need the day off.


Tim: Wins by 4 runs ($0.25 + $0.20), 5 K’s ($0.25), 5 HRs ($0.25), B2B HRs ($0.25) = $1.20
Davey: 5 HR ($0.25) = $0.25
Total: Davey owes Tim $0.95
Lifetime: Tim owes Davey $1.55

Series Lifetime: Tim 3, Davey 4
K’s Lifetime: Tim: 32, Davey 40
HR Lifetime: Tim 13, Davey 17


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